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Do you struggle with missing or damaged teeth?

Get beautiful new replacement teeth in just one day!

Do you need dental implants and don’t want to wait months to get something that looks nice and feels great? Typically, the implant process takes three to six months to complete, and the time in between can be uncomfortable and sometimes even embarrassing with unfinished teeth or dentures.
Wait no longer! Now there’s an incredible process called Same Day Implants! Go from no teeth to beautiful fixed teeth in just one procedure. If you qualify, you can simply come into the office and leave with permanent teeth in just one sitting.Our Orange County Dental Implant specialists like Dr. Nick Caplanis (949 830-1322) have years of experience in placing dental implants and can tell you right away if you are a candidate for Same Day Immediate Implants.

He and our other dental implant specialists are highly trained professionals, providing the best possible experience to every patient.

Enjoy the many benefits of Same Day Implants, including:

  • No more embarrassment over dentures
  • Increased confidence & self-esteem
  • A brighter, more beautiful smile
  • Improved general health
  • The ability to eat crunchy, healthier foods
  • General well-being & more enjoyment of life
  • Getting your life back!

Whether you need new implants to improve your health and daily life or simply want to improve your smile and appearance, we pride ourselves in offering affordable plans with financing options available. Click here to make an appointment and learn more!

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Our doctors have performed thousands of dental implant procedures, improving the lives of every patient that comes in.

By choosing The Dental Implant Center of Orange County you’ll receive:

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  • Specialized, individual care
  • Exceptional customer service, focused on your comfort & needs
We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to smile with confidence and live life fully. It doesn’t matter whether you have experienced trauma or decay, you can trust in us our team to restore your confidence and improve your smile.Take the first step in changing your life by contacting our customer service team today. We would be happy to discuss the procedure with you, and set up a FREE consultation with one of our dental implant specialists.For more information or to start today, simply fill out our form and a specialist in your area will get back to you within 24-48 hours. For more information or to start today, click here!